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Yoshiki is a composer, classically-trained pianist, rock drummer, and the leader of the rock group X Japan.

X Japan

X Japan is the most successful rock group in Japanese history. Led by composer, drummer, and pianist Yoshiki, the band has sold more than 30 million albums, singles, and videos combined, sold out Japan’s 55,000-seat Tokyo Dome 18 times, and played to millions of fans around the world. In the band’s early days, their look and sound sparked a global interest in the Japanese cultural rock phenomenon “Visual-Kei”, a movement X Japan pioneered that spread worldwide.


Malou Beauvoir

Haitian-American performing artist Malou Beauvoir, is a captivating, highly emotive singer-songwriter and actor who brings to her artistry the unique amalgamation of her multi-cultural influences and experiences. A citizen of the world, she has lived in the US, Europe and Haiti, and traveled extensively; each culture she has encountered has impacted and informed her in different ways, reinforcing her openness to different perspectives and forms of spirituality.

Born in Chicago to Haitian parents, Malou was raised in New York, growing up with brother and rock phenomenon Jean Beauvoir (The Ramones, Kiss). She moved to Paris at 15 to attend the American University and pursue her artistic passions. Juggling both art and business while earning an MBA and a senior position in the high-tech industry, by the end of the 1990s she devoted herself exclusively to singing and acting, securing engagements in venues around the world — from Dubai to Rio, Beirut, London, and Paris, where she performed for two years as lead singer at the renowned Paradis Latin. She currently splits her time between Brussels and New York, continuing to travel around the world.