Jonathan Platt’s 25-year tenure as a creative entrepreneur in the entertainment
industry is extensive. It encompasses running independent record labels,
independent film production, music supervision, publishing and production, concert
long form production and the acquisition of widely varied entertainment
properties.   Jonathan served as an executive and/or producer at various firms
throughout the last two decades and founded Hyperdisc Records, a joint-venture
production company/record label with EMI in Japan. Hyperdisc’s soundtrack to the
TV drama “Long Vacation” was Japan’s all-time best-selling domestic soundtrack.

Jonathan has music supervised 20 features and TV projects including SAW, Walker Texas Ranger, Catacombs, and King of Comedy. Jonathan has released over 70 soundtracks for high profile projects including Californication, Parenthood, Friday Night Lights, SAW, West of Memphis and RIZE. He has Executive Produced countless concert and original long form DVD's such as The Warped Tour, Ramones RAW, Chicago in Chicago, and World Baseball Classic. Jonathan oversees various record labels and artist releases including X Project ( X Japan, Yoshiki) as well as his own J2 Soundtrack Label.
In addition to music, Jonathan has worked in film acquisitions and production for
the past 10 years. Some of these acquisitions include; Pee Wee’s Playhouse, The Illusionist, Ramen Girl, Repo The Genetic Opera, Marie and Bruce, The Great Rock N’ Roll Swindle, Biggie Vs. Tupac and Catacombs. 

Jonathan and his partner Jonathan McHugh formed J2 Films which produced the
mobile TV series MLB.com Presents for BEE TV/NTT Docomo. J2 has also Executive
Produced Image Revolution, She Makes Comics, Chris Claremont’s X Men for J2’s
Respect 4 Productions 2016 documentary slate. Recently, Jonathan has co-produced
the award winning documentaries, WE ARE X and Man In The Camo Jacket. Currently,
Jonathan is producing Long Live Rock, Cosplay Universe and On The Sly.